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Commonwealth Cannabis Cuisine Catering

Experience delicious food in an immersive culinary experience. Whether it's a small, private dinner or a large occasion that brings community to the table, we offer an elevated infused dining experience where everyone is welcome.

Commonwealth Cannabis Cuisine Culinary Classes

Learn more about cooking and creating your own infused culinary creations in a fun and educational experience with your tribe. Learn the ins and outs of applying cannabis to foods, beverages, and other health products in our interactive workshops.

Commonwealth Cannabis Cuisine Pop Up Kitchen VA

Visit our pop-up kitchen in Richmond, Fredericksburg,  Historic Triangle, Charlottesville, and Virginia Beach areas. With your help, 10% of all proceeds are donated to those in need. We hope you'll join us in finding all the ways we can give back.

"Our brains contain neurocellular circuitry which can only be activated by substances with THC’s molecular structure. This makes the marijuana high a unique constellation of feelings, and there are only two sources for the substances that activate THC’s neuroreceptor. Our brain is one source, and the only other source is the cannabis plant.” — Terry Nesco


As a long-time cannabis aficionado, Chef Savage has always seen all of the benefits that come along with cannabis. Every aspect of the plant serves a purpose in everything from medicine and clothes to self-reflection and deeper, more meaningful connections with our loved ones. In the same vein is food, which is something that has been bringing friends, families, and neighbors closer together for thousands of years. With a passion for connection, cuisine, and cannabis, Chef Savage founded Commonwealth Canna Cuisine to help spread the love and encourage people to come closer together, feel better, and share experiences that will leave behind that constellation of feelings and memories that last a lifetime. 

Chef Savage of Commonwealth Cannabis Cuisine
Macro photo of a cannabis flower


Since the war on drugs, there's been a negative stigma surrounding cannabis that has left a largely negative impact on the public's perception of cannabis. Between media propaganda and harsh legal restrictions on cannabis, lots of harsh stereotypes were born— many of which you're probably already familiar with. The lazy stereotype has this perception of a slow, dim-witted person destined for failure; that people who use marijuana never really go anywhere in life. Alternatively, there's the criminal stereotype; the one where people who use cannabis end up getting into hard drugs and are doomed to a life in and out of prison. 

With all these factors at play, a massive portion of the public has a systemic belief that cannabis use is bad news. They believe that using cannabis either makes you a useless, non-contributing member of society, or a criminal. With this perception, it's been difficult to get cannabis into the hands of people who could really use it as a medicine for both physical and mental ailments.  Many of the people who could benefit the most from using cannabis still actively avoid it due to a lack of information about it or a fear of being lumped into those stoner stereotypes that we still see today. We're looking to work towards shifting these perceptions here at CWCC. 

We think that normalized exposure to cannabis along with social equity programs, public outreach, advocacy, and education can help people find a more wellness-driven lifestyle with cannabis. The plant has touched our team in countless positive ways, and our goal is to encourage normalized exposure for everyone. 

Cannabis has the power to help us connect, share experiences, find relief, and make memories. We hope to normalize cannabis use and start chipping away at the negative stigma through education, events, and experiences. 

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